A Social Network for Socratic Dialogue

Our A.I. powered social network helps you create and curate more civil and inspiring conversations

Constructive Online Communities Build Stronger Social Impact Movements

Pangea Social's vision is to create inclusive and safe online communities that can be used to drive a positive impact on our physical global and local communities.

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Pangea Social A.I. Teaches Better Writing

Pangea Social uses a new type of AI that identifies the parts of your writing that are the most open-minded and helpful, and also the parts that are the most biased or digressed. Then, it gives guidance on what you wrote and a chance to edit it for a higher "Big Mind" score.

Discover Your Most Powerful Ideas

Pangea Social has a unique interface that diagrams your copy and shows you exactly where you are creating touchstone ideas that lead a conversation. This helps participants in social media to discover their own powerful ideas, to remove extraneous and harmful phrases, and to write comments that encourage open-minded and constructive dialogue.


Pangea Social's Vision: Give Power to the People

A social network where creativity is the main source of value creation


A Circular Economy

Creators, Commenters, Contracts, Workers, and Investors form a co-op based on creativity

Earn Money for Your Writing

80% of subscriptions fund a treasury to reward writers who engage in Socratic dialogue

Group Collaboration

Activists, writers, academics, and online communities can solve problems better together

"We are working with Pangea Social on applications for one of our dramatic series projects that has a big social impact campaign component. Several of the execs from different orgs were just on a group call and the software kinda blew their minds. The applications could be for anything from serious academic content to burger commercials and more "

Mark Wheeler
Founder | FailsafeDAO

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